19 de Octubre de 2021
Portal Educativo de las Américas
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La Educación
Número: (132-133) I,II
Año: 1999


Within its framework of service to the Americas, La Educación is continually striving to keep the Hemisphere abreast of the latest research, trends, issues and technological advances in the field of education. One of the most notable advances has been the advent of the Internet and the new educational strategies that have emerged as a result, in particular the concept of distance education and learning.

In fact, the most recent developments in information and communication technology are the most promising in terms of providing increased access to quality educational programs to the people of the region.  Indeed, the education industry is undergoing a huge transformation or “revolution” as hundreds of colleges and universities recognize the potential for distance learning. This format allows students to pursue a wide array of studies (undergraduate and graduate degrees, teacher training and professional formation) by utilizing the resources of the Internet or other technological means such as satellite television, audiovisual media, and inter-active systems in real or deferred time, among others.  Students, from their own home or office and at their own schedules, can establish their own paces for study and learning, and at the same time benefit from a variety of modes, such as electronic forums, chats and virtual meetings, that allow for the expansion and interchange of ideas.  Numerous efforts are underway in the Americas to develop and adapt distance learning programs to upgrade skills and knowledge.

In order to complement and expand the reach of educational systems, as well as to offer the people of the Hemisphere—particularly those living in remote areas—with greater access to distance learning and education, the OAS is planning and developing the Educational Portal of the Americas (www.educoas.org), a comprehensive website that will bring together the best of distance learning opportunities available in the Hemisphere.  Likewise, it will offer direct links to distance learning programs and services, provide information about scholarship opportunities (conventional and electronic), and focus on the best education and training practices in the region.  The Educational Portal will be a clearinghouse of information for students, teachers, researchers, government officials, and all of the adult population that would like to access current and quality information regarding the best distance education programs.

The Educational Portal will aspire to make a significant impact on this “educational revolution” by putting at the disposal of the people of the Americas new mechanisms to contribute to the development of human potential.

In this mission to connect, educate, and enhance the development of the Hemisphere, the Educational Portal of the Americas mirrors the promise of the OAS for integral socio-educational development.

The Editors