22 de Octubre de 2021
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La Educación
Número: (132-133) I,II
Año: 1999


In an exciting effort to promote international education, the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) plans to honor Russell G. Davis, Ed.D. ‘55, by establishing an endowed fellowship in his memory.  Recipients of the proposed “Russell G. Davis Fellowship” will be students at HGSE whose primary academic interests are in international education.

Russell G. Davis was a leader in the field of international development and promoted the idea that the United States had an obligation to make a contribution in the developing countries. In 1960, he was appointed lecturer, researcher and associate director of the Center for Studies in Education and Development, which, for fourteen years, was a major contributor to American policy for education in developing countries. In 1967, Davis was named professor of education and development at HGSE.

The proposed “Russell G. Davis Fellowship” was initiated by Noel McGinn, professor of education at HGSE and institute fellow at the Harvard Institute for International Development.  In 1998, Professor McGinn was awarded the Andrés Bello Inter-American Prize for Education by the Organization of American States.  McGinn chose to use this prestigious award as a special tribute to Russell G. Davis by making the lead gift for an endowed fellowship in Davis’s name.

The Need for Student Fellowships in International Education Policy

Fellowships at the Harvard Graduate School of Education help attract the best and brightest minds to the field of education and make it possible for students of diverse backgrounds to pursue advanced degrees. At the Harvard Graduate School of Education—where tuition and living expenses in 1999-00 are approximately $37,100 per year—the availability of endowed fellowships helps the School recruit and support top students worldwide. The current student body at HGSE is 74% female, 29% students of color and 7% international.

Individuals who wish to participate may contact:

Sandy Sedacca,
Dean of Development and External Relations
(617) 495-3487
E-mail: sandra_sedacca@harvard.edu