30 de Julio de 2021
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La Educación
Número: (117) I
Año: 1994


This article discusses the need to include a formal and explicit curriculum on ethical education in Latin American schools. This education, rather than being geared toward teaching what is right and what is wrong, should focus its attention toward the development of responsible individuals and citizens. It is proposed that an ethical education curriculum should focus on the development and the education of a sense of responsibility both at the individual and citizen levels. To achieve that level three aspects should be taken into account: (i) a cognitive aspect by which the individual learns to reason, identify and make decisions related to moral conflicts or dilemmas; (ii) an emotional aspect by which the individual involves him/herself in doing something related to such situation; and (iii) a behavioral aspect, by which the individual acts on the basis of his own conscience and moral judgment. It concludes with a series of suggestions of activities that could be included in such curriculum, adapting them to children’s ages and to the realities of the school and societal environment where they would be implemented.