October 7, 2022
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Number: 71
Year: 2002
Author: Johann Van Reenen, Editor
Title: Digital Libraries and Virtual Workplaces. Important Initiatives for Latin America in the Information Age

     Resource List

      There is a great deal of information available regarding digital libraries. An easy way to get started is to consult our online courseware (Fox 1998b). In particular, follow links to Resources and to References  (and thence to Repositories for a set of other Web sites to consider).

      Early events in the field are summarized in a 1993 Sourcebook (Fox 1993). A handy reference work for those building digital libraries is an extensive white paper prepared for Sun Microsystems (Noerr 2000). The first two single-author books providing an overview appeared in 1997 (Lesk 1997) and 2000 (Arms 2000b). D-Lib Magazine  (Arms 2000a) is an online publication to which many in the field send news, early results, or helpful summaries. There is one journal (Springer-Verlag 2000), but numerous special issues on the topic have appeared in other journals (Chen & Fox 1996; Fox 1999a; Fox, Akscyn, Furuta & Leggett 1995; Fox & Lunin 1993; Fox & Marchionini 1998; Marchionini & Fox 1999). Numerous conferences have been sponsored by ACM (Fox & Marchionini 1996; Fox & Rowe 1999) or by other organizations.  In 2001 the first ACM / IEEE-CS joint conference will take place (Borgman & Fox 2001). There also are annual regional conferences in Europe and Asia, in addition to national events in countries like Japan and Russia. It is hoped that the reader will explore these various resources further, and participate in some of the many workshops and conferences.