August 10, 2022
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Number: 71
Year: 2002
Author: Johann Van Reenen, Editor
Title: Digital Libraries and Virtual Workplaces. Important Initiatives for Latin America in the Information Age


Ramiro Jordan
University of New Mexico and ISTEC

Just what should the good society be? Toward what, stated as clearly as may be possible, should we aim? The tragic gap between the fortunate and the needful having been recognized, how, in a practical way, can it be closed? How can economic policy contribute to this end? What of the public services of the state; how can they be made more equitable and efficiently available? How can the environment, present and future, be protected? What of immigration, migration and migrants? What of the military power? What is the responsibility and course of action of the good society as it regards its trading partners and neighbors in an increasingly internationalized world as regards to poor of the planet? The responsibility for economic and social well being is general, transnational. Human beings are human beings wherever they live….

The Good Society:
The Humane Agenda
—John Kenneth Galbraith (1996)


The promise of electronic commerce to spread wealth and opportunities globally can only be realized if governments ensure supportive information technology policies and infrastructure. This chapter explores the challenges and opportunities for creating healthy e-commerce, e-government and e-education activities in Latin America.