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Revista Interamericana de Bibliografía (RIB)
Número: 1
Título: 1998


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Review of Frida and Diego—A Love Story, directed by Juan Jose Gurrola at Stages Repertory Theater in Houston through May 2, 1993.

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Reviews Frida, a play in the ART Fall Festival at the Loeb Drama Center in Boston, through September 27, 1992.

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Mixed review of When Will I Dance, a dramatization of the life of Frida Kahlo, produced by the Pacific Theatre Ensemble.

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Favorable review of a performance of Frida, starring Helen Schneider at the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Next Wave Festival.

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Announces the presentation of Frida at the Next Wave Festival in New York City.

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Review of the music-theater work Frida: the story of Frida Kahlo, directed by Hilary Bleicher at the Majestic Theater in Brooklyn.

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Review of Frida Kahlo: Self-portrait of Pain, playing at the Nosotros Theatre through October 17, 1993.

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Mixed review of Frida, a musical biography, playing at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, MA.