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Revista Interamericana de Bibliografía (RIB)
Número: 1
Título: 1998


Bakewell, Elizabeth. Picturing the Self: Mexican Identity and Artistic Representation, post-1968. Ph.D.dissertation: Brown University, l991.

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Herrera, Hayden. Frida Kahlo: Her Life, her Art (Mexico). Ph.D. dissertation: City University of New York, 1981.

This dissertation seeks to “unravel the various levels of meaning in Kahlo’s highly personal imagery and to relate formal and iconographic analysis to events in Kahlo’s life and to her feelings about those events.” Herrera relies upon Kahlo’s writings, her letters and her diary, and upon over 100 interviews she conducted in Mexico, France, and the United States.

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Meyer, Dale L. The Averted Glance: Disfigurement and the Morality of Looking. M.A. thesis: University of Texas, Galveston, 1994.

Frida Kahlo and other artists depict disfigured people in their art, thereby reflecting the variety of human experience.

Motian-Meadows, Mary. Frida Kahlo: The Personal and the Political. M.A. thesis: California State University at Fullerton, 1982.

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Stonehouse, Cathy. How Love Guides us to a New Continent through Water. Master of Fine Arts thesis: University of British Columbia, Canada, 1990.

A collection of poetry consisting of two books that explore the discovery of the self as a journey through the unknown or adversity. Kahlo becomes a “voice” in book.

Swartz, Anne K. Mirrors of Pain: The Paintings of Frida Kahlo. M.A. thesis: Vanderbilt University, 1990.

Vargas, George. Contemporary Latino Art in Michigan, the Midwest, and the Southwest. Ph.D. dissertation: University of Michigan, 1988.

Wewer, Dee J. White Files to Rainbows: Evolving from Businesswoman to Artist (Creative Process, Motivation Skills, Creativity, Self Exploration). Ph.D. dissertation: Union for Experimental Colleges and Universities, 1986.

Discusses the relationship between creative art processes and business aspects of marketing and selling art. Contains essays on Kahlo, Van Gogh, O’Keefe, and the author.