29 de Mayo de 2020
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La Educación
Número: (134-135) I,II
Año: 2000


This forty-fourth volume of La Educación is being issued amidst the context of continuing efforts of the Organization of American States to modernize its functions and services to the Hemisphere.  As part of this process, in particular to promote new and more effective forms of cooperation between its member states and to enhance partnerships with the private sector and civil society, the OAS established the Inter-American Agency for Cooperation and Development (IACD) in November 1999.

The General Assembly of the OAS created the IACD in recognition of the fact that the countries of the Hemisphere needed to strengthen and diversify their financing for development activities, design and deliver high quality programs, and to promote the transfer of experience among the countries of the Hemisphere.   In large part the Agency wishes to greatly increase investments in new technical resources to accelerate economic growth, increase competitiveness in global markets and to consolidate democracy in open societies. Most of the investments are needed in human capital formation and institutional building to improve social services. The IACD believes these knowledge-intensive activities can benefit from better utilization of new information technologies.

The IACD aims to accomplish the goals of opening new sources of private sector finance for expanding technical cooperation and training, as well as enhancing the delivery of high quality services to the OAS member statesvia the restructuring or implementation of the following instruments and mechanisms:
  • The integration of all technical cooperation projects and grants, including improving the quality and focusof fellowship and training programs, as well as the creation of a program to expand the delivery of technical cooperation to member states.
  • The mobilization of additional horizontal cooperation funds established by member and permanent observer states, private sector entities and foundations.
  • Increased cooperation and participation of the private sector, international financial institutions and the commercial banking sector in OAS technical cooperation and development programs, accomplished in part by affiliations with non-profit organizations such as The Trust for the Americas(http://www.trustfortheamericas.org).
  • The establishment of a Best Practices/ Rapid Response Fund that would apply the best practices and institutional capabilities already tested and demonstrated in the member states.
  • Providing access to educational programs and opportunities to as wide an audience as possible through the use of state-of-the-art information technology.
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  • Increasing services to smaller and poorer countries of the Hemisphere and enhancing their ability to apply the experiences and capacities of the other OAS member states.
In addition, the IACD has created an Internet website to aid in the timely, cost effective and far-reaching distribution of information that the world-wide-web affords. The Internet will also be used to expedite the administrative aspects of the Agency’s daily operations. Additional information regarding all of the Agency’s initiatives, as well as hyperlinks to other related organizations and programs, can be found at the Agency’s website at www.iacd.oas.org
The Editors