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La Educación
Número: (134-135) I,II
Año: 2000

Education, Nutrition and Law

It was discoveries in cardiovascular diseases and nutrition, including my own in hypertension, that led the U.S. Government to enact the most important Public Health law in the 20th century. This law, the “Food Labeling Law”, orders that the food packages must specifically and precisely list the amounts of sodium and other health-related food products on the label (Figure 2). This law permits the individual citizen to implement a diet that serves to treat and prevent complications of heart, hypertension and kidney diseases.

For years I have been investigating the cause, diagnosis and treatment of hypertension and other diseases leading to stroke, kidney failure and heart attack. I devised diagnostic tests that clarified causes and permitted a rational treatment of these ailments and led to success in my patient care. I have been publishing my research and my methods have become scientific basis for the care of patients world-wide. When the idea of this law began, because of my success in patient care, discoveries and inventions, I was consulted by the U. S. Government. My research underwent national scrutiny, not only by scientists but by leaders of the drug and food industry. It was after this intense analysis that my discoveries were chosen as the scientific basis for this law (Figure 2).

Figure 2. US Food Labeling Law, Federal Register, 1993. Carlos H. Espinel, MD.

Today we are seeing mounting evidence that changes in nutrition can help in the development and health of the brain. Unfortunately this scientific information does not reach the public, nor do the governments implement laws that can facilitate their application. Similarly, as the US Government responded to our research in heart and vascular diseases, the time has come to implement laws that can save our brains.