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La Educación
Número: (132-133) I,II
Año: 1999

8. What are the procedures and costs involved for the high-level or university-level institutions that would like to join the Consortium?

In order to become an ISTEC member, a written request is submitted by any appropriate organization to the President of the Executive Committee. This communication should identify their intentions in joining the Consortium. When the President of the Executive Committee has approved the request, the applying institutions must make payment of their annual dues through the Executive Office and present themselves at the next GA meeting. When dues payment has been received, the institution is accepted into the Consortium on a provisional basis for a two-year period in which the institution must demonstrate activity within the Consortium. At the end of that time, that institution must present a report of activities to be evaluated by the Executive Committee, and a recommendation for Full Membership is passed on to the General Assembly for a final vote.

Any member may present a proposal for a particular activity, having first obtained the support of at least one other member. The proposals include, in addition to the appropriate technical aspects, a general outline for a method of obtaining funding.

Any member of the Consortium may invite another member for joint meetings to discuss an agenda of topics that fall under the umbrella and interests of the Consortium. The Executive Office should be kept informed of such activities.

A member institution may withdraw from the Consortium giving advance written notice. Where possible, any pending activities of an institution that wishes to withdraw shall be concluded as originally scheduled.

The annual dues (in US dollars) are: Educational institution = $1,500; Industry Full Member = $20,000; Industry Collaborator = $5,000 - $19,999; Industry Sponsor = $2,000-$4,999.