12 de Diciembre de 2018
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La Educación
Número: (132-133) I,II
Año: 1999

In the framework of a teacher training project called PROASEF (Program to Assist the Formal Educational System), many universities of Argentina are responsible for training teachers of various disciplines through the use of various training programs. These programs, differentiated by discipline and educational level, are composed of different courses that imply academic or pedagogical-didactic content. The authors here present a training course in chemistry with particular characteristics: the updating of disciplinary knowledge is closely related to the training in the didactics of chemistry. Selecting a course that pertains to a program containing five different courses, the authors detail aspects such as: selection and sequencing of content, planning of activities and strategies, and evaulation design. At the same time, they discuss the theoretical framework of their proposal, responding to such questions as: heterogeneity of the students participating, motivation, didactic transposition, possibilities for applying strategies to professional practices in schools, etc.