10 de Agosto de 2022
Portal Educativo de las Américas
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La Educación
Número: (132-133) I,II
Año: 1999


In spite of the advances Latin America has made in the last 50 years in the policies regarding access to and equality in educational opportunities, segregation and other disadvantages continue to exist in the quality of education received by the rich and the poor. According to the author, the forces in charge of improving this situation do not have the political commitment, financial resources or sufficient power. The author describes the current situation of education by summarizing the educational movements of the past century. He highlights the pendular nature of the offical educational programs, which change according to the political or economic situation of a country. In addition, he analyzes factors that affect the educational levels in Latin America, such as the size and composition of the family and the educational level of the parents, among others, and relates the educational and social opportunities that translate into better working opportunities. The author then offers examples of alternative educational programs to improve the social inequality and lack of educational opportunities.