19 de Julio de 2018
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Colección: La Educación
Número: (129-131) I,III
Año: 1998

Method, Design and Procedure

First, geographic and demographic profiles of the region were developed from a variety of government documents, geological maps, linguistic and cultural atlases, regional needs assessments conducted by the state of Chihuahua, and major ethnographic works on the region. A historical analysis of the station and its technical and sociolinguistic development precedes an examination of program content, program development strategies, and the impact and interface of Radio XETAR with its target audience.  Station reports, evaluations, program formats, and selected audience interviews provide supporting evidence for this section. Also, key station personnel were interviewed and observed while broadcasting. Selected listeners, government officials, health services providers, and educators gave interviews that complement the program analysis. Lastly, national and state literacy and literary development efforts in indigenous languages were examined to identify the current and potential interface with Radio XETAR.