24 de Marzo de 2019
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Colección: La Educación
Número: (129-131) I,III
Año: 1998


Included in this study were 52 four-and five-year olds from two inner city day care centers and two parochial school kindergartens. The children in the day care centers had a mean number of years attendance of two years, with a range years of attendance between 1.6 to 3.6 years. Children selected from the two kindergartens met the criteria that they had not attended any day care center prior to kindergarten. About 98% of the children were from black families. Although 90% of the children in the day care setting were reported as coming from single parent families, this information may have been influenced in actuality by the fact that admission to the day care center was based on minimal family income and only one parent’s income could have been reported. The study included four groups of 13 children, and the children from the kindergarten setting participated only in the pre-and post-test of basic language skills, and were considered a control group for the study. A stratified random sampling of six children from one four-year-old group and two five-year-old groups were administered the ten tasks of operational thinking, as well as pre-and post-tests of basic language ability.