13 de Diciembre de 2018
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La Educación
Número: (129-131) I,III
Año: 1998

3. Prestige, Professional Development and Incentives for Teachers and Educational Administrators

  • Formulate regional and subregional standards for the professional certification of teachers at the primary level, as well as in the different subject areas (mathematics, science, and foreign languages) for teachers at the secondary level.
  • Establish policies, procedures and mechanisms for granting recognition/accreditation/ equivalency of academic and professional qualifications of primary and secondary school teachers in the Hemisphere.
  • Support the design of training and specialization programs for teachers, administrators and other educational personnel, for the purpose of achieving the competence levels necessary to respond to the demands of a relevant education of high quality.
  • Stimulate the development of activities in higher education related to the early stages of teacher training, where curriculum changes emphasizing the relations among research, teaching and practical experience are most significant.
  • Identify institutes where alternative on-site or distance learning programs designed to develop and improve teaching skills and professional standards can be formulated. Such programs would also be designed to achieve a rapid multiplier effect and comprehensive coverage without suffering a loss of quality.
  • Through their respective associations and representatives, involve educational personnel in the development of policies in education, as an important aspect of the professionalization of teaching.

Synthesize technical information on successful training experiences and support the formulation and execution of specialized projects designed to improve teachers’ professional capability in priority areas, such as language arts, mathematics and science, particularly in the first two years of basic education.
  • Establish links with the regional program of incentives and educational professionalism, especially those opportunities for scholarly exchanges, fellowships and internships.
  • Award the Andres Bello Inter-American Prize for Education annually, to distinguished educators of the Hemisphere in recognition of their contributions to the field.
  • Convene a Hemispheric Meeting of educational associations, education authorities and the academic community.
  • Encourage the exchange of information through the publication of La Educación: Inter- American Journal for Educational Development.
Multilateral Project: Professionalization of Teachers and Educational Administrators