26 de Marzo de 2019
Portal Educativo de las Américas
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La Educación
Número: (129-131) I,III
Año: 1998

Mechanisms for Action

The Inter-American Program of Education complements the Strategic Plan for Partnership for Development 1997-2001, which articulates the policies, programs and measures in the area of cooperation for development and which operates on three mutually-reinforcing levels: as a forum for inter-American dialogue on development, as a catalyst and promoter of programs, projects, and other cooperation activities; and as a mechanism to facilitate the exchange of information, experiences and knowledge.  At each level, the OAS initiates specific activities under the appropriate line of action  at the request of the member  States and either coordinates such activities through the Secretariat or delegates coordination to the requesting country/ies.

Furthermore, member States will implement the Inter-American Program of Education, taking into account the agreements of the Summit of the Americas and of ministerial meetings of CIDI.

1. Forum for Inter-American Dialogue on Development. Pursuant to the Strategic Plan for Partnership for Development 1997-2001, the structure of CIDI foresees the convocation of ministerial meetings in education that allow the formulation of policies, the design and execution of cooperation for development on this theme. Moreover, the structure facilitates high-level and experts meetings for the purpose of sharing experiences and exchanging information

2. Exchange of information. Drawing on its accumulated experience, the OAS will foster the analysis and exchange of information on experiences acquired by the member States in the areas of educational development, through both printed and electronic publications.

3. Partnership for Development.  CIDI has cooperation mechanisms that operate through programs, projects and activities oriented toward institutional strengthening, human resource development, studies and research, and information exchanges. CIDI has a programmatic structure that allows the presentation of cooperation proposals that are approved in accordance with the financial resources deposited in the Sectoral Account for Education of the Special Multilateral Fund of  CIDI (FEMCIDI).

Moreover, horizontal cooperation among the member States will acquire an increasingly relevant role in the transfer of knowledge and the exchange of information and experiences.

The General Secretariat of the OAS shall provide support to those countries that so request in the formulation of projects and in the identification of innovative sources of funding and cooperation, including the international banks, and the private and corporate sectors.