24 de Marzo de 2019
Portal Educativo de las Américas
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La Educación
Número: (129-131) I,III
Año: 1998

Lines of Action

In keeping with the decisions of the Heads of State and Government made at the II Summit of the Americas, the Ministers of Education, at their meeting in Chile, formed a group made up of ten countries, for the purpose of preparing for the Meeting of Ministers of Education in Brasilia, Brazil. The members of this group met in Washington and in Mexico City to initiate the formulation of a strategy for follow-up and implementation of the Plan of Action for Education. During these meetings, the group played an important role in specifying projects and activities in response to the lines of action set forth by the Summit. At the same time, the group began a process of negotiations with international organizations designed to obtain their technical and financial cooperation. On the 29th and 30th of June, 1998, the group reportedthe results of these initiatives to the Preparatory Meeting for the first Meeting of Ministers of Education, under the auspices of CIDI.

In that context, this Inter-American Education Program is designed to implement five lines of action established at the Second Summit of the Americas, over the next three years, with annual program execution evaluations. Among the seven lines of action described below, priority will be placed on the following: compensatory [remedial] and intersectoral policies for populations at risk; appraisal, professional development, and incentives for teachers and administrators; strengthened educational management, administration, and institution-building; improved instruction and training for the workplace; and intercultural bilingual education strategies to promote peace, civic responsibility, and sustainability.

Lines of action will be taken within the framework of multinational and national projects.