3 de Agosto de 2020
Portal Educativo de las Américas
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La Educación
Número: (126-128) I,III
Año: 1997


This forty-first volume of La Educación, which corresponds to numbers 126-128 of 1997, is being published under very special circumstances. In March of 1998, the III Regular Meeting of the Inter-American Council for Integral Development (CIDI) took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at which time the countries agreed to convene the First Meeting of Ministers of Education of CIDI for July 1998 in Brasilia, Brazil. The purpose of the meeting will be, among other things, to prepare a new inter-American program of education within the framework of the Strategic Plan for Partnership for Development 1997-2001 of CIDI.

The II Summit of the Americas took place in Santiago de Chile in April of this year, during which the Heads of State and Government of the countries of the region endorsed the Declaration of Santiago and a Plan of Action of the II Summit of the Americas, both of which emphasize the importance of education for improving the political, social, cultural and economic development of their nations.

In addition to these two events, resolution 1572 (XXVIII-0/98), which was approved during the twenty-eighth regular session of the General Assembly in Caracas, Venezuela in June, both endorses the decisions adopted by CIDI, and entrusts the ministerial-level meeting in Brasilia with assisting in the implementation of the Action Plan for education of the II Summit of the Americas.

All of this clearly reflects the political will at the hemispheric level to make education an indispensable actor in the processes of transformation and change that are needed to meet the challenges of the new millenium. It also marks the beginning of a series of initiatives which, in line with the agreements mentioned above, are proposed for developing a diversified plan of action that recognizes that education with equity, relevance and efficacy is necessary to ensure a promising future for all the inhabitants of our region.

Within this framework, La Educación joins these efforts with the technical support offered in this issue.

Danilo Donolo of the University of Río Cuarto, Córdoba, Argentina, acted as special editor of the articles section of this volume. These contributions refer to the quality of education with formulations and possible scenarios regarding the epistemological aspects of education, equity, relevance and dynamics of a renewed process of teaching and learning.

In addition, we have included a contribution of the Unit for Social Development and Education of the General Secretariat of the OAS entitled Education in the Americas: Quality and Equity in the Globalization Process, in English and Spanish. This document, which was produced by a group of renowned specialists, was of great importance for the II Summit of the Americas. We also offer an interview with someone who until recently was Director of the Inter-American Center for Studies and Research for Educational Planning (CINTERPLAN) in Venezuela. All of these contributions, which are made from different perspectives and from people with a wide array of experiences, have as a common denominator the search for an education that is the highest priority for our societies. To all of them, thank you.

The Editor