19 de Enero de 2019
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La Educación
Número: (123-125) I,III
Año: 1996


The major theme of this paper is the construction of knowledge in organizational and administrative theory in Latin American education. Based on the review of the historical roots and cultural traditions of Latin American education, the main interest of the author is centered on the analysis of the construction and reconstruction of scientific and technological knowledge in the field of school and university management. To understand the development of today’s educational management theory, he examines the epistemological orientation and the general limits of the philosophical and sociological foundations of the dominant paradigms of contemporary educational administration. Finally, he identifies and discusses some of today’s conceptual and praxeological challenges in the development of a democratic management perspective capable of promoting quality education for all, focussing on the application of the concepts of freedom, equity, and citizen participation in the school and in society at large.