19 de Diciembre de 2018
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La Educación
Número: (121) II
Año: 1995


Facing the changes that the educational reform proposes, the article looks at teaching from two perspectives: the objective conditions of the job, according to the characteristics outlined by different reports on the subject, and the subjective focus, derived from an empirical study carried out in the Corrientes primary public schools. In light of both focuses, it is possible to state that neither the labor situation (rigidity of the educational systems, salary freezes, lack of career opportunities, insufficient school equipment) nor the implicit theories that support the teaching practice of the teachers that were interviewed (an image of the teacher with few references to the professionalism in as much as the emphasis is on the vocational and the idea of apostulate, a devalued image of self as a professional and therefore low self esteem, the priority of emotion on teaching, social distance between the levels of the school’s administration and the roles of teachers) appear compatible with the demands derived from the proposal for educational change.