24 de Marzo de 2019
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La Educación
Número: (120) I
Año: 1995

Toward the Future

Overall, the meeting demonstrated how major political and economic change in Latin America and the Caribbean is causing leaders to place a new emphasis on educational reform, and to modify their view of how reform must be pursued. Increasingly, education is seen as a key component in responding to the new demands of open economies and democratic governance. Increasingly, existing educational systems are seen as not being up to the task. Yet the most immediate obstacles to reform appear to be as much political as technical, requiring that reform-minded leaders develop a more political approach than has been traditional in the past.

The ideas debated at the conference established a firm base for subsequent activities under the Program for the Promotion of Educational Reform in Latin America (PREAL) being launched by the Inter-American Dialogue and the Corporation for Development Research (CINDE). The program responds to the growing conviction among countries of the region that good education will be essential to economic and social development, and that education systems fall far short of the demands being placed on them by open economics, democratic governance, and state decentralization. It seeks to develop a broader and more active constituency for education reform region wide through a program of activities in coordination with national teams established in approximately six Latin American and Caribbean countries. These activities will culminate in the preparation of a comprehensive, high-profile report that makes the case for education reform, lays out the principal issues, and makes policy recommendations, along with a diversified program of analysis, consultations, publications and outreach.