25 de Marzo de 2019
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Colección: La Educación
Número: (119) III
Año: 1994

7. What thought would you like to share with our readers, who are teachers and educators from all educational levels?
An urgent problem worldwide is the gap between theory and practice. I think this gap is based on a fundamental misunderstanding. The practitioners of education do not understand the theorists and the theorists often don’t understand the practitioners. This is especially true for the functionalist or highly sophisticated scientific positions. The more scientific education becomes, the broader the gap. Personalism may be useful in bridging that gap and that is what I am interested in achieving. I think the theorists have to understand that educational theory is not complete without practice. Practice is incomplete if it is without spirit and ideas, if it has no theoretical orientation. You cannot act without thinking, and, according to Paulo Freire, consciousness can remain actionless. If you are inspired by a new idea, you certainly want to transform it to action. That is what I try to do when I write my books. Oftentimes, my colleagues in Germany criticize me by saying that my books and my lectures are too easy and too understandable. I accept this as a compliment because I am proud when people understand what I say and what I mean.