19 de Enero de 2019
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La Educación
Número: (117) I
Año: 1994


Through the use of a wireless mechanical communication device, bug-in-the-ear (BIE), this study attempted to determine if student teachers changed their teaching behavior when prompted. Descriptive data were collected from three sources: Metcalfs (1989) Teaching Skills Observation Instrument; Cooperating Teachers Reflective Log; and the Student Teacher Response Form. The results support the conclusion that student teachers can and do effect immediate change in their teaching behaviors during the teaching process while receiving cues or prompts via the BIE device. Additionally, it was found that cooperating teachers and student teachers enjoyed using the BIE, that the BIE was considered an effective and appropriate means of communicating with student teachers during the teaching process, and that student teachers could attend to two sets of verbal stimuli simultaneously.