18 de Enero de 2019
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La Educación
Número: (117) I
Año: 1994


Effective supervision of student teachers has become a growing concern for teacher educators due to the increased emphasis placed on field experience in teacher preparation programs. Lacking an effective means of providing intervention, feedback, and reinforcement during the ongoing process, supervisors, both cooperating teachers and university-based supervisors, have relied on the delayed and frequently awkward retrospective approach of post-observation conferencing. This investigation was initiated to address the need to provide a more systematic method of offering corrective and constructive feedback during the supervision of student teachers. The results of the study suggest that cooperating teachers and their student teachers enjoyed using the BIE, that the BIE was considered an effective and appropriate means of communicating with the student teacher during the teaching process, and that student teachers could attend to two sets of verbal stimuli simultaneously. As a pioneer study in the field, this study has established a foundation for supervision research using the BIE technology and should, therefore, be considered a framework for future experimental inquiry in the field of teacher education student teaching supervision.