23 de Julio de 2018
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La Educación
Número: (116) III
Año: 1993

MEXICO. This chapter is respectful of “the first of the world’s great twentieth century revolutions. Out of the Revolution came a political system which has produced, since the 1930s, a political stability unmatched in Latin America.” One wonders why in other chapters the authors were so preoccupied with democracy, elections, and freedom.

“...Having both discovered massive deposits of oil and been faced with a large-scale economic crisis, the country has encountered the risks involved in becoming a leading member of the international community. Mexico’s future, like its past, arouses emotions of anxiety and hope.” Again, the economic interpretation of history, the lack of cultural indexes, and the cryptic heading, “Stability, Growth—and Rigidity?,” as well as Figure 7-1 purporting to show “Presidencies and the Political Spectrum in Mexico since 1934” moving from Left to Center to Right, are interspersed with several explanations of “dignity and pride” and “optimism and pride.”

In the end, it is evident “that the country was heading on a road toward democracy. It was unquestionably clear, however, that the nation was in the throes of a major transition.”