19 de Enero de 2019
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La Educación
Número: (116) III
Año: 1993

CUBA. “Late Colony, First Socialist State” reads this chapter. From “Dubious Independence,” to “Politics: Corruption and Decay,” to “Fidel Castro and the Making of the Revolution,” and the intent of “Defining the Revolution,” the authors weaved through euphoria, experiment, and the fail idealistic model to conclude that “few Cubans seem ready to think about a possible successor” to Castro; and that virtually “no one, however hostile to the Revolution, thinks the socialist path in Cuba could be easily reversed. Is Fidel irreplaceable? More important for the Cuban Revolution’s survival than Fidel, however, is Soviet protection. The continued existence in its present form of Cuban Socialism depends on the continued favor of one distant, but declining, superpower against the hostility of the other.” Obviously, this part of the book was written, notwithstanding its 1992 publication date, long before current events in Russia.