26 de Marzo de 2019
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La Educación
Número: (115) II
Año: 1993


This paper contains a short analysis of the current Information System of the Educational Facilities (SIPFE) prepared by the Foundation for Educational Buildings and Endowments. The system has been used to maintain an inventory of the school buildings existing in Venezuela. The article makes certain observations and draws certain conclusions concerning the limitations of the system vis à vis today’s new information needs.

The article continues by describing the new system which has been revamped in such a way as to permit decision-making on educational infrastructure as new plans, programs, and projects unfold with financial support from multilateral banks. These projects are directed for better and wider educational coverage. The new system will also help analyze the factors affecting schools’ risk to natural disasters, thereby complying with United Nations’ requirements related to the International Decade for the Reduction of Natural Disasters.

The authors conclude by analyzing the processed data obtained. They provide criteria for defining indicators and they specify the types of reports that can be produced.