19 de Diciembre de 2018
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La Educación
Número: (115) II
Año: 1993


Schools are an integral part of their communities. This relationship is especially true in times of disasters or crises, due to the potential usefulness of school facilities and resources to their communities’ disaster response efforts. Regardless of how disasters affect their schools, administrators will be required to respond in unique ways. Furthermore, the nature of the response of school officials may influence whether lives are saved, mental and physical damage is minimized, or property is protected.

The preparedness of schools for crises begins and ends with education—greater awareness about disasters, their effects, and the ways in which crises can be managed. This effort requires planning, rehearsal, and an ongoing commitment to the safety of the students and staff. This effort must be expanded in three separate networks—the school, the school system, and the community at large.