17 de Diciembre de 2018
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La Educación
Número: (115) II
Año: 1993


This article deals with the search for solutions to the environmental crisis. It suggests that in order to lessen current destructive tendencies and develop a new concept of the relationship between society and nature, the environment should be addressed in every educational activity regarding the integral formation of the individual. Thought is given to the relationships between school, its environment, and environmental education. The author emphasizes the need to build knowledge and incorporate environmental subjects into curricula by way of projects in which a body of concepts is manipulated and applied to solving problems. Proposing projects already associated within the classroom of a locality or region allows for the development of common grounds for the reflection and formation of ideas of solidarity, tolerance, consensus-building, and autonomy. This paves the way for self-managed efforts toward improving quality of life, which is the ultimate purpose of environmental education.  As for strategies regarding the educational process, the article makes specific suggestions for regional and national seminars, for devising instruments of curriculum reform, for indicators for pilot experiments, and for the design of teaching materials.