3 de Agosto de 2020
Portal Educativo de las Américas
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La Educación
Número: (114) I
Año: 1993


Based on a retrospective view of the trends of teaching the history of Mexico through different eras, schools of interpretation, and texts, the writer ponders the need to teach history by what is known of it; thereby making it necessary to fill gaps in the existing knowledge and revise the accepted interpretations which are encumbered by the baggage of past partisan controversies. The author emphasizes the need to accelerate the rate at which comprehensive knowledge of the past is acquired so as to meet the needs of the present, to avoid seeking nothing but data and postponing their interpretation, and to avoid engaging in interpretation with insufficient data. Though the historian will always be subject to the limitations that circumstances and humanity impose upon him, his very awareness of this fact will enable him to recreate a history that approximates events as closely as possible. Since historians have so far concerned themselves little with the history that is taught in school, it is important to understand that the primary mission of the knowledge of history is that of a sentinel who alerts us to an awareness of what we are and to the permanent threat of what we can be and the teaching of history is an effective way to do this.