4 de Agosto de 2020
Portal Educativo de las Américas
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La Educación
Número: (114) I
Año: 1993


This paper presents several aspects of the relationship between education and democracy—as analyzed in the cultural studies of Latin America—beginning with the conceptualization of a youth culture.  To explore the implications of this idea, the paper suggests a review—in strictly historical contexts—of Argentine culture in the last two decades along the following lines: (a) the changing concepts in education as a factor for mobility in the distribution of social opportunities, (b) the ways in which schools are associated with the patterns of socialization proposed by other approaches, such as those of the mediating culture (the neighborhood or the family), (c) the importance given to these approaches in the image building of youth, and (d) the standards for recognizing and understanding juvenile practices in relation to the youth images presented by the environment.  The purpose of this analysis is to identify these ideas as a valid step towards understanding the importance of youth as a productive area of cultural studies in relation to efforts to study the institutional functioning of authority and the distribution of social opportunities in the recent democratization processes in Latin America.