Título: The new digital storytelling. Creating narratives with new media

Autor: Bryan Alesander

Modalidad: ebook

ISBN: 978-0-313-38749-4

Año: 2011

The new digital storytelling is aimed at creators and would-be practitioners, first of all -people who want to tell stories with digital technologies for the first time, whose who are already ustin digital tools and want to try new approaches, storytellers using nondigital means (like voice or print) who seek to cross the analog-digital divide. We will cover a wide range of ground, as the field has opened up. You may be a storyteller working in another medium, wanting to explore the digital world. You may be a teacher, or a marketer, or a communications manager. Whatever your background, herein you will find examples to draw on, practical uses to learn from, principles to apply, and some creative inspiration.

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