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Virtual Classroom

The online courses of the Educational Portal are delivered through our Virtual Classroom, which is an interactive environment with active participation by expert tutors and individuals from across the Americas who contribute to a valuable virtual education experience. Each course has a virtual community in which participants and tutors exchange experiences and collaboratively construct knowledge. The Virtual Classroom allows users to participate in educational and practical activities as they do in a traditional academic institution.

Get to know our virtual education platform. Click here for a demonstration video.  

Our Tutors
The courses offered through the Virtual Classroom are provided under the academic supervision of specialized tutors who assist and guide participants as they take an active role in their learning process. The tutors are trained in the pedagogical framework of the Educational Portal and coordinated by a pedagogic specialist. They are trained to use the virtual classroom’s tools, contributing their dedication and commitment to achieve a collaborative and participatory environment.

Tutors assist participants in:
• Accessing the course
• Suggesting reading support and answering questions
• Analyzing and evaluating the activities assigned
• Providing substantive feedback
• Providing individual clarifications and explanations when necessary

Interested in becoming one of our tutors?
We select our virtual tutors from interested course participants who perform well in their programs. Here are the steps to become one of our tutors:

1. Participant is approved and performs well in one of our courses
2. Selected participant must participate, be approved and perform well in the course Training in Virtual Tutoring
3. Participant is recommended as a potential tutor by the virtual tutor of the course Training in Virtual Tutoring

Depending on the needs for tutors while opening new courses, we contact selected candidates to identify their interest and availability.

The Educational Portal of the Americas was initially conceived as a tool to disseminate information on distance...
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Through collaboration with and support from the public sector, the private sector, academic institutions and civil society...
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In early 2012, the Educational Portal of the Americas collaborated with INTEL® to offer online free professional...
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In April 2013, the Secretary General of the OAS, Mr. Jose Miguel Insulza, signed the Mobiles for Education...
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"The Educational Portal of the Americas has added a great value to my learning ... the interaction with such diverse professionals of the region gave such a cultural meaning to my learning process and provided a dynamic work environment complemented by conceptual and experience-based examples."

Ana del Carmen, Chile

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