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In early 2012, the Educational Portal of the Americas collaborated with INTEL® to offer online free professional development courses to employed school teachers at all levels, principals, administrators, and teacher trainers in the Americas and the Caribbean. Through this project, the Portal offers four courses in English:

The immediate benefit of this project is that it promotes the implementation of new teaching strategies and improves the learning experience of the student. In the long term, these courses improve education quality, by introducing effective student-centered and inquiry-driven learning activities in education curricula. They also contribute to reducing the digital divide in the region and develop a better equipped workforce for today’s needs. 


The Educational Portal of the Americas was initially conceived as a tool to disseminate information on distance...
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Through collaboration with and support from the public sector, the private sector, academic institutions and civil society...
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In early 2012, the Educational Portal of the Americas collaborated with INTEL® to offer online free professional...
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In April 2013, the Secretary General of the OAS, Mr. Jose Miguel Insulza, signed the Mobiles for Education...
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"The Educational Portal of the Americas has added a great value to my learning ... the interaction with such diverse professionals of the region gave such a cultural meaning to my learning process and provided a dynamic work environment complemented by conceptual and experience-based examples."

Ana del Carmen, Chile

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