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OAS Scholarships Program

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OAS Scholarship Programs

The Department of Human Development and Education (DHDE) through its OAS Scholarship and Training Programs provides diverse scholarship opportunities for academic and professional development studies to citizens or permanent residents of OAS member countries to study in recognized educational institutions of the OAS member and observer states, with the goal of strengthening human and institutional capacity and thus, foster integral development throughout the Hemisphere.

Scholarships are granted under the OAS Academic Scholarship Regular Program, for the pursuit of Master and Doctoral level studies, as well as Graduate Research leading to a university degree. These scholarships are awarded for full-time studies at a university or institution of higher learning in an OAS member state with the exception of the sponsoring country of the applicant.

Under the OAS Special Caribbean Scholarships Program (SPECAF), scholarships are granted for the last two years of undergraduate studies to citizens and permanent residents of (the OAS English speaking Caribbean member states, and Suriname) OAS member states from the English-speaking Caribbean and Suriname.

The OAS Professional Development Scholarship Program (PDSP), established in 1962, grants hundreds of scholarships every year for students to complete short or medium-term, intensive, non-academic courses and training programs offered through a cost-sharing program with Partner Institutions from around the world. These scholarships may include tuition fees, international travel, housing, and other living expenses.

The OAS Partnerships for Education and Training Program (PAEC) formally established in 2010, offers citizens of the Americas increased access to quality higher education opportunities through scholarships for undergraduate and graduate studies, as well as professional development programs.

The Educational Portal of the Americas was initially conceived as a tool to disseminate information on distance...
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Through collaboration with and support from the public sector, the private sector, academic institutions and civil society...
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In early 2012, the Educational Portal of the Americas collaborated with INTEL® to offer online free professional...
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In April 2013, the Secretary General of the OAS, Mr. Jose Miguel Insulza, signed the Mobiles for Education...
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"The Educational Portal of the Americas has added a great value to my learning ... the interaction with such diverse professionals of the region gave such a cultural meaning to my learning process and provided a dynamic work environment complemented by conceptual and experience-based examples."

Ana del Carmen, Chile

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