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Departamento de Desarrollo Humano de la OEA / OAS Department of Human Development
Programa de Becas de Desarrollo Profesional / Professional Development Scholarship Program

Hotel Management


1) VENUE: Training and Development Centre. Dusit Thani College, Nongbon, Praves, Bangkok, Thailand. Tel: (662) 361-7811 /. 7812 / 7813, ext 141-145. Fax: (662) 721-8476. E-Mail: training@dtc.ac.th. Website: www.dtc.ac.th.

2) CONTACT PERSON: Ms. Supranee Pattanaporn, Training Manager. E-Mail: supranee@dtc.ac.th

3) DATES: March 3rd, to April 4th, 2008

4) COURSE DURATION: One (1) Month

5) LANGUAGE: English

6) MODALITY: On site

7) OBJECTIVES: The program is designed to:

  • Learn and understand the key success factors in managing hospitality and food service businesses
  • Develop skills and competencies in hotel managerial and financial planning
  • Enhance the quality of service and excel the industry standards
  • Facilitate the exchange of ideas, concepts and practices of hotel operations for future implementation


  • Introduction to Hotel Management
  • Front office management
  • Food and beverage management
  • Kitchen management
  • Housekeeping management
  • Sales and marketing management
  • Hotel accounting management
  • Human resource management and development
  • Management perspective
  • Field visits
  • Advanced assignments
  • Reading assignments


  1. All applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of an OAS Member state, (residents must send copy of visa).
  2. Have good command of English, with documentary evidence if the language of instruction is not the native language.
  3. Be in a managerial or supervising position with a diploma or Bachelor Degree in any field.
  4. Have practical experience of more than three (3) years in hotel field.
  5. Be physically fit to fulfill the obligations of the course;
  6. Submit a duly completed request before the deadline established by the National Liaison Office (ONE)1. The candidate is responsible for finding out the deadline set by the ONE in his/her country of residence.

The Government of Thailand and the Training and Development Centre will provide:

  • Economy class, round trip airfare transportation from point of residence to study site2
  • Room and board
  • Ground transportation expenses
  • Other expenses concerning training registration and tuition


  • Must have health and accident insurance coverage abroad.
  • The selected candidates must confirm their acceptance to the OAS Department of Human Development in Washington, DC, the OAS General Secretariat Office in their respective countries and through the ONE.
  • Selected scholarship recipients are responsible for obtaining the necessary visa(s) to enter the country of study and the corresponding transit(s). The OAS will not be responsible for any costs relating to obtaining visas or transfer documentation.
  • Each scholarship recipient is responsible for arriving in time for the commencement of activities on the date established by the institution offering the course or program.

12) SUBMISSION OF SCHOLARSHIPS APPLICATIONS: Scholarship applications for participation in this course must be submitted using the Fellowship Application Form, provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, including all documentation required. Applications must be forwarded to the Organization of American States through the official channels established by the government of each country (ONE). This is a mandatory requirement.

The following is the list of National Liaison Offices (ONEs) in the OAS Member states: http://www.educoas.org/portal/en/oasbecas/ones.aspx?culture=en&navid=282

The Fellowship Application Form for this course may be obtained from the OAS offices of the General Secretariat in the Member states or via the fellowship application page using the following link: http://www.educoas.org/Portal/dhd/becas2007/Fellowship_Application_Form%20Thailand.pdf

Any questions regarding submission of applications for this course should be sent to: Scholarships@oas.org

Maria Levens, Director
Department of Human Development


1. The deadline for presentation of applications to the (ONE) differs from country to country and should therefore be confirmed with the relevant ONE in the applicant's country of origin or permanent residence.

2. Funds for terminal and in-transit expenses are NOT provided.