22 de Julio de 2018
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Número: 71
Año: 2002
Autor: Johann Van Reenen, Editor
Título: Digital Libraries and Virtual Workplaces. Important Initiatives for Latin America in the Information Age

Bandwidth and infrastructure issues

The first high-performance Internet link between North and South America for research and education was inaugurated in Santiago, Chile on September 12, 2000. Chilé and the USA connected their respective high performance networks, REUNA and Internet2, enabling collaboration among researchers and educators at universities in the two countries. This includes access to Gemini South, a new advanced telescope now being built in Chile through an international collaboration. The Gemini project consists of twin telescopes in both hemispheres that together will provide unprecedented coverage of the Northern and Southern skies.

Such high-performance network links are critical to ensure the bandwidth required for future projects. ISTEC and the OAS are strongly committed to advance this cause.