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Número: 71
Año: 2002
Autor: Johann Van Reenen, Editor
Título: Digital Libraries and Virtual Workplaces. Important Initiatives for Latin America in the Information Age

IX. E-Conclusions

Competition, markets and opportunities are now global in nature, even for the smallest Internet-based organization. Thus uncertainty, ambiguity and stress are feelings that are global too. New directions need to be identified so that the next historic period is one where promises have been implemented and dangers have been mitigated.

The lesson for 21st century leaders is not just about clever applications of the latest software. As shown in Chapter 1, it is also about culture and mind-set. The new organization is a learning organization that shares ideas across its many boundaries. Technology not only gives the ability to make an organization more efficient but it also provides the potential to spark transformative change and the Internet empowers such creativity and innovation. It flourishes if unconstrained by government bureaucracy and where there is vision and when businesses are freed from legacy business models. Innovation is independent of who you work for, what rank you have, and it comes from the best ideas. The potential of E-business to transform Latin America and the Caribbean economies cannot be underestimated. Digital content and digital libraries are cornerstones in the development of electronic commerce, access to public information and educational opportunities. In this new millennium, new governance must confront head-on the Digital Divide and turn it into Digital Opportunities with Information Technology (DD to DO IT!).

Furthermore, by integrating the region through Science and Technology we are placing the Latin America and the Caribbean in a leading role and provide a response to the challenges from other regions, and creating economies of scale to foster regional development.