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Número: 71
Año: 2002
Autor: Johann Van Reenen, Editor
Título: Digital Libraries and Virtual Workplaces. Important Initiatives for Latin America in the Information Age


    The challenge for Latin America is to create a business and academic culture of risk taking, innovation and cross-national networks of cooperative alliances while strengthening information technology infrastructure and skills. National and cross-national digital library initiatives meet all of these requirements and can form the basis of much fruitful experimentation and application.
    The development of digital library services and products will require a realignment of organizational priorities and reallocation of resources. More importantly, it requires committed leadership and champions within the organization who can make a compelling case for the benefits of digital library services in managing organizational knowledge. National projects, such as the Mexican digital library initiative described in chapter xx, require commitment from government policy and funding agencies such as national research councils and government information departments. Universities and other research organizations provide fertile ground for creating digital library initiatives.