14 de Diciembre de 2018
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Colección: INTERAMER
Número: 66
Año: 1999
Autor: Christopher R. Thomas
Título: The Organization of American States in its 50th Year: Overview of a Regional Commitment


This monograph titled “The Organization of American States in its 50th Year -Overview of a Regional Commitment” is intended to make a contribution to the continuing process of the Organization’s evolution at one of the most crucial moments in its history. It is not intended to be an historic account of its activities over the years but highlights some of the major developments which have helped to shape the Organization.  The text traces the development of the OAS in the context of its continuing role and function in the Hemisphere, and this in the context of a broader and more decidedly focused hemispheric agenda.  It makes suggestions for the future on the basis of objective evaluation and observations of hemispheric circumstances without closing the door to alternative approaches. It is the hope of the author that the monograph will serve as a basic document in the continuing debate on the role of the Organization of American States as the Organization searches for renewal and an enhanced and refocussed mandate for the new millennium.