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Gender, Equity, and Emancipatory Education in Latin America
Nelly P. Stromquist

Recasting the Historic Gaze: Gender, Ethnicity, and National History
Lorena Martos

Illiteracy, Gender, and Race in Brazil
Fulvia Rosemberg and Edith Piza

Between Home and the School: Tensions in the Professional Identity of Teachers
Marilia Carvalho

Bilingual Teachers, Indigenous Women, and Education in Chiapas, Mexico
Susan J. Rippberger

Putting the "A" in Professora: Reflections on Women Teachers and the Interdisciplinary Project
Pia Lindquist Wong

Professions and Unions: The Teaching Profession in Mexico
Regina Cortina

Sex and the Curriculum in Mexico and the United States: A Heavy Burden in Ignorance
Barbara Bayardo

Popular Education with Women in Latin America
Sylvia van Dijk